Employee care 

Caring for Employees

Caring for employees begins with understanding the needs of them. HIT Agritech Group will listen carefully to the voices of every employee, learn about the difficulties they encounter both in life and work, and take their good suggestions on the development of the Group through diversified channels.

Weekly meeting system

The two-level morning meeting system, including the Group morning meeting and the departmental morning meeting presided over by the Vice President, is implemented in the Group, so as to timely grasp and communicate the Group operation and management, find and solve problems through the information sharing at morning meetings; and strengthen the communication among high-level leaders and middle-level leaders, as well as among middle-level leaders and employees.

Monthly supervisor-subordinate communication system

Since the establishment of the Group, a supervisor-subordinate communication system has been established. Department leaders conduct a face-to-face communication with all department members every month, so as to solve the most practical problems in work and life for employees and take up suggestions for the improvement of the department.

Outdoor activities for employees

HIT Agritech Group pays attention to not only the works of employees, but also their mutual communication, physical and mental relaxation as well as physical health.

Outdoor physical training

After establishment, employees will be organized for outdoor training activities every quarter to improve their physical fitness. We have conducted team building at Greentech camp, activities in Sansheng Flow Village, etc., to promote communication among the leaders and all employees in the department, and among employees, and to enhance their interaction.

Periodical tourism

HIT Agritech Group bears in mind the contributions of every employee to the Group, so employees are organized periodically for travel in scenic spots, such as Ice and Snow World (a local tourist spot) and Mount E'mei, to enjoy beautiful sceneries. Periodical tourism for employees can make them ease and relax physically and adjust their state in life and work.


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