Customized Active Ingredients

Natural products refer to a general term for ingredients or metabolites of animals, plant extracts (called PE for short),  or  insects, marine organisms and microorganisms, and endogenic chemical components of human beings and animals. Effective plant ingredients mainly include flavonoid, alkaloids, polysaccharides, volatile oils, quinones, terpenes, lignans, coumarins, saponins, cardenolides, phenolic acids and amino acids and enzymes, etc. Cigma mainly engages in the development of natural products. With the help of modern science and technologies, it gets high content of active ingredients by screening, extracting, leaching, separating, refining, and purifying materials to promote the development of modern natural products and industrial growth. The customization, development, and manufacturing of active ingredients from natural products are core businesses of Cigma Lab. We are experienced in separating active ingredients in a special way and have earned an excellent reputation in the industry due to our highest efficiency and best quality. With studious working attitude and rigorous work spirit, we provide customized products according to your needs.




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