HAG Profile

HIT Agritech Group, based on HIT’s technical and talent advantages in food science and biological engineering, environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, is a large comprehensive state-owned investment platform, one of HIT’s core industrial platforms. Incubated by HIT’s industrialization of scientific research achievements, the group is responsible for the development, construction, operation and management of HIT Science and Technology Park.

HIT Agritech Group develops rapidly after its establishment. By linking fields like biological separation, robot, big data, material net, environmental protection engineering and industrial resources, the group vigorously promotes the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Now it has four main branches - Biotechnology, Asset Management, Guanghe Technology and Equity Investment. The business scope covers It’s Tree functional food, Botanical Extracts, CIGMA LAB, Separation and Purification Technology & Equipment Services, R&D, sales of heathy nutritional products, Rural tourism accommodation integrated solutions, HIT Science and Technology Park.


Add:F22 Block A, Chengdu International Technology Energy Saving Block, No. 89 Cuihua Road, High-Tech Zone, Chengdu 610041, China.

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